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How Flute Pads Work – Part 3 – Muramatsu Pads
In article 2 we talked about Straubinger pads and how they have revolutionized flute playing. Since discovering how much difference[…]
How Flute Pads Work – Part 2 – Straubinger Pads
In the previous article, I described the benefits and drawbacks of the traditional flute pad – still the most commonly-used[…]
How Flute Pads Work – Part 1 – Traditional Flute Pads
There are a number of different types of pads available for flute players, now, but how can you know objectively[…]
What is Regulation?
What is Regulation?There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the concept of ‘Regulation’.  Most players either have no idea what[…]
Where is Your Instrument Made? Does it matter?
Where is Your Instrument Made? Does it Matter? Back in the 90s, people would come into our workshop with instruments[…]

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