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Servicing For Schools – Christmas Holidays

Servicing for School Instruments

Come and see our workshop. Learn how to handle instrument breakdowns and get your hands dirty taking apart instruments.

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Instrument Servicing for Schools

Christmas 2018 - Woodwind and Brass

Competitive Pricing

We are taking extra steps over the Christmas period to make sure that we can deliver the most return for the money you are allocating. The Christmas discount is in addition to our usual competitive pricing.

Standard Holiday Discount

10% discount on regular servicing and repairs over the holidays

Early-Bird Discount

15% discount on servicing and repairs if pre-arranged and booked in prior. Just send an email to [email protected] to say you’re interested.

Pick up and Drop off

For convenience, and to make organizing easier, we will be setting some days aside to pick up instruments from schools. Just have the instruments ready to go, and let us know where they are located (Brisbane area only).

Repairs finished on time

One of the advantages of booking your instruments for servicing is that we can plan our work timetabling accordingly. If you need your instruments by the first day of school, that is when you will receive them.

Detailed reports

As standard practice, you always receive the details of what you are paying for. We always keep records of the work completed on each instrument. This also helps us to keep track of how our repairs are performing, so that we can help you more in the future.

Assessment of instruments

You will receive a report on the state and condition of your instruments. Some new instruments have very little life left in them, and some older instruments can be absolute gems with a little of the right work. Get to know which instruments will cost you more in the future.

Expected ongoing costs - forward planning

This is where we give you an expectation of what the repair costs are likely to be for the next year for each instrument.  This can be invaluable for planning your budget in the following year. School admins often use this type of information when decisions are to be made about music department needs.

Example Reports

Servicing Report Page1

Page 1 - Service Report

Servicing report Page 2

Page 2 - Service Report
Servicing report Page 3

Page 3 - Service Report

Flute Repair Example 1

Flute Repair Example 1

Clarinet Repair Example 1

Clarinet Repair Example 1

Clarinet Repair Example 2

Clarinet Repair Example 2