Flute Essentials eBook – Flute Essentials

Flute Essentials eBook


Flute Essentials

This is a 112-page eBook contains everything you need to know about obtaining and looking after a flute:

  • How to find the cheapest functional option
  • Types of flutes and the variations you need to know
  • What to look for in your research for flutes
  • Flutes that will cost you more money than you anticipate
  • Description of the most important mechanical aspects of the flute for you to inspect.
  • What is really covered in manufacturer’s warranty? It is not as much as you think
  • The difficulties in buying second-hand instruments
  • Your best allies in your research, and in your final purchase
  • And much more!

The entire eBook is well-illustrated with photographs that accompany the descriptions in the text.