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How to Look After Clarinets


How to Look After Clarinets

This is a 12-page guide to help you keep your instrument in optimum condition.

It includes photographs of every step you need to take in the 4 most important areas of clarinet care.

My own clarinets worked for years without ever needing to take a trip to the repair shop. The corks have lasted for 20 years and are still in great condition, the clarinet mechanism has never gone out of adjustment and some of the pads are only now suffering the effects of aging.

And during that time, to boot, I was able to win various clarinet and instrumental competitions in addition to other solo performances.

Around 90% of visits from musicians to the repair workshop come from inadequate care and handling of the instrument. Repair and servicing should be a place that adjusts mechanical wear and tear from all the moving parts being used, day in and day out, and not a place to reverse damage caused by improper care.

This guide contains the information to potentially save you hundreds of dollars in servicing and repair of your instrument.The format is simple, giving you all the positive ‘Do’ instructions without complicating matters with big long lists of ‘Don’t’ instructions.

What you will find in this guide is:

  • How to best handle the instrument
  • Why good handling will benefit you
  • How to clean the instrument properly
  • Which products to use and which ones to avoid
  • Greases that can help or harm your instrument
  • How incorrect storage can increase damage more than anything else.